Thursday, March 13, 2008

the study of gotocola plant and its uses

Background of the study:
I researcher come up with this study because I want to determine the different uses of gotocola that is applicable to our health. In this study we can find out that gotocola planted for herbal purpses aside from being a plant.I used to choose gotocola plant since it is abundanthere in philippines/in our community. And I know that I can help people to inform people that gotocola planted for some important purposes and uses.


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Renee said...

hEy.., Our group in cLass aLso has a sTudy aBout Gotocola, bUt the stUdy is abOut deTerMining iT's gEneToxicity... We Don't haVe much iNfo aBout it, so can yOu plEase teLl us more aBout the pLant..? My email is,